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  1. What is NOSTT?

    The National Open School of Trinidad and Tobago (NOSTT) is an educational system which uses a blend of conventional and distance education methods and allows learners to choose how to learn, when to learn, where to learn and what to learn using a wide range of educational media. It is complementary to the formal education system;
    Open Schools play a vital role in providing people of all ages with learning opportunities that are diverse, flexible, accessible, inclusive, learner-focused and responsive.  It facilitates those who may have missed out at an earlier stage or those who may simply wish to further their career goals or personal development by offering more diversified curricula.

  2. What are the entry requirements for NOSTT?

    You must be National or citizen of Trinidad and Tobago with a desire to pursue courses offered by NOSTT. Entry requirements for each programme level will vary.

  3. How do I enrol in NOSTT?

    You complete a registration form and submit same to the Centre Coordinator at the NOSTT Learning Centre. Registration forms are available at all NOSTT centres and Educational District offices. Once selected you will be informed via telephone, email or mail.

  4. Are there registration and tuition fees?

    No. Registration and tuition is free

  5. Do I need a computer to be a student?

    No you are  not required to own a computer. Access to computers will be provided at all NOSTT Learning Centres for NOSTT students. Course materials in print are provided to learners.

  6. Am I required to be computer literate?

    No you are not required to be computer literate. However, ALL NOSTT learners will benefit from computer literacy classes.

  7. Do I need internet access at home as a student enrolled in NOSTT?

    No you are not required to have internet access at home.

  8. How many subject areas does NOSTT offer?

    At present NOSTT offers courses in following subjects CXC Mathematics and English A.

  9. How many courses can I do?

    A NOSTT learner will be allowed to enroll for CXC Mathematics and English A, courses.

  10. Is there an age limit for learners?

    There is no age limit for NOSTT Learners.

  11. Am I required to purchase any books?

    All learning materials will be provided to NOSTT Learners.

  12. Am I required to attend any classes?

    You will be required to attend tutorial sessions for four hours per week. Usually there are two 2 hour sessions per week.

  13. Who are the NOSTT tutors and Centre Coordinators?

    NOSTT tutors are qualified, experienced teachers trained to deliver the curriculum via Open and Distance Learning modalities.

  14. Are NOSTT courses accredited?

    NOSTT learners write the same Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) as students in the traditional school system.

  15. Are students required to do homework and submit assignments?

    Yes as a NOSTT learner you will be required to submit assignment as required by the course of study.

  16. Where are NOSTT courses offered?

    NOSTT courses are offered at schools in every educational district through out Trinidad and Tobago.

  17. How is NOSTT similar to the Adult and Continuing Education classes?

    They offer similar programmes. NOSTT classes utilise the teaching and instructional strategies of the open learning system and are influenced by the use of information and communication technologies, the unique characteristics of open school students:

    • Wide variation in age, experience, learning skills, reading skills and life skills;
    • Independent, self-propelled and self-motivated learners;
    • Less time available for study than a full-time student.

    Open learning depends largely on self-study materials, usually prepared in modular formats so that flexibility can be maintained. The basic feature of self-study material is its carefully structured presentation designed to make learning easy and effective. Information is presented in small segments with intermediate checks to monitor learning.

    The use of electronic media is an integral component of open school instruction. The technology intervention strategies include one way communication technologies such as radio, television, print (study guides and newspaper); which will be supplemented by the more effective interactive technologies like audio- and video- conferencing, teleconferencing, interactive television, computer-managed learning, and intelligent tutoring systems over time.

  18. Is NOSTT only available to repeaters?

    NOSTT is available to every national and citizen of Trinidad and Tobago regardless of age, ethnicity and educational qualification.

  19. Is it possible to be employed and still enrol in NOSTT?

    Yes, you can be employed and still be enrolled in NOSTT courses.