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The following instructions must be strictly observed. Entries which do not comply with these instructions will NOT be accepted.


For all nationals, registration for all CXC subjects is free, that is, the subject fee, entry fee, and all administrative fees are waived. All non-nationals are required to pay the stipulated fees given by CXC and all other local administrative fees. All persons (nationals and non-nationals) will be charged a late entry fee of one hundred and sixty-two dollars ($162.00) for late entries, that is, which are submitted after 3rd September, 2010. The late registration deadline is 10th September, 2010.


Fees payable are set out at the back of the Entry Forms. Money must be deposited at one of the following Offices: Revenue Collection Unit; Ministry of Education, #18 Alexandra Street, St. Clair; Sub-Treasury, San Fernando; Administration Building, Tobago; or any District Revenue Office.

The Deposit Voucher supplied with this circular must be used when the fees are being paid as follows:

FORM A: Head 111/73                   -       for Entry and Subject Fees

FORM B: Head 07/01/ED/004        -    for Administration and Additional Fees

Each application form must be accompanied by an official receipt for fees paid. No cash, cheque or money order will be accepted with your application form. The receipt will be returned to the applicant.

The General Proficiency CSEC subjects for which applicants may enter are:

Bilogy Chemistry English A
English B Human & Social Biology Information Technology
Mathematics Office Administration Physics
Principles of Accounts Principles of Business Social Studies


Nationals: Private Candidates (CSEC) January 2011

Non-Nationals: Private Candidates (CSEC) January 2011

Please Note: Forms are not available at any of our offices. You must download forms.

In making an application, the following instructions must be followed:

  1. Download the Entry form.
  2. All forms must be in duplicate. Insert and check all personal information. The name written on the Entry Form will be the same indicated on the certificate.
  3. Candidates who tick the RESIT box must supply the name(s) that appeared on past CSEC certificates or preliminary results slip. Thus, if you were registered as John Ford before, you should not register under any other name variation such as John D. Ford or John David Ford. Additionally, if your name was misspelt in previous registration, then you must register in that name so that the SBA marks can be forwarded. Failure to do this will result in an Ungraded result and an amendment fee of BDS$75.00 must be paid.
  4. Non-nationals must indicate their nationality.
  5. Insert the number of the picture identification to be used in the examination room, either: your Identification Card, Passport or Driver’s Permit in addition to your Birth Certificate Pin number. The original and copy of your Birth Certificate and your picture identification must also be submitted at the time of registration. Failure to do so will result in the candidate being debarred from writing the examination. Driver’s Permit will ONLY be accepted if accompanied by an original Birth Certificate or proof of nationality at the time of registration.
  6. For non-nationals, please ensure that you have paid the total fees payable. You must pay the subject fee for each subject entered, entry fee and the administration fee.
  7. Sign your Entry Form and staple on a recent photograph in the space provided. Please print your name at the back of your photograph. Only one recent photograph is needed.
  8. The completed Entry Form, the official receipt for the fees deposited and three (3) self-addressed envelopes (two 23cm x 10cm and one 25cm x 30cm) must be submitted to one of the offices mentioned above no later than 3rd September, 2010.
  9. The receipt will be returned to the applicant. Stamps must be affixed to each envelope as follows: 23cm x 10cm = $1.00; 25cm x 30cm = $2.00
  10. The duplicate entry form will be stamped and returned to you. You are advised against posting your Entry Form as it may arrive after the closing date of 3rd September, 2010 and therefore will not be accepted. Candidates are advised to retain the copy of the Entry Form, as this is proof of registration to write the CSEC examination.


The examinations in Biology., Chemistry, Information Technology, Office Administration, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business and Social Studies consist of Papers 1, 2 and 3/2 (an Alternate Paper to School Based Assessment – SBA). Prospective candidates for the May/June sitting will fall into ONE of two categories, namely:-

1. Candidates who wrote the examinations at the May-June 2010 CSEC sitting and who have opted to re-use their SBA marks obtained at that sitting, the marks must be 50% or more of the total SBA moderated marks. The candidates MUST tick (ü) the ‘Resit’ option on the Entry Form. These candidates will be required to write Papers 1 and 2 only.

2. Candidates who are writing the examinations for the first time or candidates who wrote the examinations before the May-June 2010 sitting or candidates who obtained less than 50% of the total SBA moderated marks. ALL candidates in this category MUST tick (ü) the Alternate option on the Entry Form. These candidates will be required to write all Papers, that is Papers 1, 2 and 3/2.


  • Each candidate will be allowed two (2) free chances per subject as a private candidate, commencing January 2010 examinations.
  • Candidates registered as full-time students in a Secondary School will not use any of these chances unless he/she signs up as a private candidate.
  • Once the two (2) free chances per subject have been utilized the candidate must pay the Entry and Subject Fees for that subject.
  • Candidates can use these two (2) free chances in either the January or May/June examinations.

You are required to indicate on your Entry Form which of the following areas you wish to be allocated for the examinations:

Arima                      Port of Spain                San Fernando                   Tobago
Chaguanas             Point Fortin                   San Juan                           Tunapuna
Couva                     Princess Town              Sangre Grande                  Barataria
Diego Martin            Rio Claro                      Siparia

However, the Ministry reserves the right to allocate candidates to centres for the examinations. Your official time-table will indicate your Examination Centre Number. A letter informing you on the location of your centre will be issued with your time-table.

Applications for complete withdrawals, subject withdrawals, and subject changes will be considered up to FRIDAY 17th September, 2010.

Request for refunds will not be entertained after four (4) weeks following the completion of the particular examinations. IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT THE ADMINISTRATION AND ADDITIONAL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE FOR NON-NATIONALS.


For both nationals and non-nationals, a late entry fee of one hundred and sixty-two dollars ($162.00) will be charged for all entries submitted after the deadline of 3rd September, 2010. Late fees are non refundable.


The official time-table giving the Centre and Candidate Number will be posted to candidates during the second week in December 2010. If you do not receive your time-table by 15h December, 2010, you should contact the Supervisor of Examinations, Ministry of Education, Examinations Section, 18 Alexandra Street, Port of Spain, to collect a substitute.

The Spanish Oral examinations will be conducted on the 27th and 28th December, 2010. Please contact the Supervisor of Examinations if you do not receive a notice by 15th December, 2010.

Candidates should immediately notify the Supervisor of Examinations of any change of address and should submit envelopes with the new address.


The written examinations are expected to begin on 3rd January 2011 and the oral examinations will be conducted 0n 27th and 28th December, 2010.

It should be noted that the penalties for impersonation in the examinations are severe. A candidate who allows himself/herself to be impersonated is disqualified completely from any examinations for which he/she is entered and debarred from the Council’s examinations for two (2) years. Further, legal action may be taken against both candidate and impersonator for the protection of the integrity of the CXC examinations.