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News Release                                                                                                                                                                                                              August 28th, 2020


Key Points from the Reopening of Schools Media Conference


The Ministry of Education hosted a News Conference on Friday 28th August 2020 to outline to stakeholders how the re-opening of the New Academic Year and the new term 2020/21 would be conducted. Dr. the Honourable Nyan Gadsby-Dolly spoke on behalf of the Ministry at the meeting where questions were fielded from members of the media and from members of the public online.

Please find below the Key Points outlined by the Minister:

  1. The School Term will run from Sept 1st to Dec 11th, 2020.
  2. Schools will be open but students are not required to be physically present for classes until further advised.
  3. Teachers are expected to deliver the curriculum to students remotely.
  4. Sept 1st -4th will be dedicated to new student orientation, teacher orientation and planning activities.
  5. September 7th -14th is carded for student orientation, parent orientation, learning resource preparation, and further planning activities if required. Schools may also begin teaching and learning activities during this time. However, all schools should be engaged in teaching and learning by September 14th.  
  6. There will be two (2) categories of students- those who can participate in the online environment, and those who cannot.
  7. Teachers are free to engage Category 1 (Online Students) using the guidelines provided for online instruction by the MoE (training in online teaching has been provided by the MoE). For Category 2 (Offline Students), teachers should provide printed packages of learning materials for collection at schools at least once weekly. Corrected assignments etc. should also be returned to students using this mechanism.
  8. The resources of schools will be available to teachers for teaching. School buildings should be open to teachers who need to access wifi or printing services. However, principals should approve work from home arrangements once delivery is not impacted.
  9. Channels 4 &16 have been assigned to the MoE to run instructional material exclusively. A schedule will be published. This is a further student, parent and teacher resource.
  10. Discussions to provide General Education radio features are also underway; content for modern languages is also intended to be created.
  11. A weekly pullout in the print media targeting the ECCE and Infant year activities will be available to parents.
  12. Parents will be expected to ensure that their children are engaged in the teaching and learning exercise.
  13. The School Feeding program will be modified- 500 lunches per day will be delivered to MP Offices from Sept 7th to allow for distribution throughout the community to children who require this service.
  14. Students with Special Needs will be catered for through the student Support Services Division and parents are asked to engage their children’s schools for individual plans on the way forward.
  15. No final exams will be set. Teachers will use continuous assessment for grading purposes.