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News Release                                                                                                                                                                                     January 31, 2020


MOE Launches Schools Patriotism Project     

The Ministry of Education (MOE) successfully launched the “Patriotism and the City of San Fernando” Project at Naparima College, San Fernando on January 28th 2020. This project is designed to instil a deep sense of patriotism and love of country among primary school students. The project, which commenced in October 2019, involved encouraging primary pupils to produce colourful art pieces, in the forms of drawings, paintings and three-dimensional models depicting famous San Fernando landmarks, such as San Fernando Hill and the now defunct San Fernando train line. These art works are also captioned, outlining the history of the subjects portrayed.

Another methodology used for the project was the production of an Illustrated Children’s Songbook entitled “Patriotism and the City of San Fernando,” which features a chronology of historical dates and art-work on the city of San Fernando, with the work of schools being featured. The Songbook is designed to help children grow and understand their national responsibilities as citizens and to foster an appreciation and love for their community, city and country.

Several Units and Divisions of the MOE were instrumental in formulating the Project, specifically the Curriculum Division, Schools Broadcasting Unit, Schools Publications Unit and the Multicultural Music Programme Unit.

The schools that attended the Launch were Cocoyea Government Primary, Grant Memorial Presbyterian, Ste. Madeliene Government Primary, San Fernando Girls’ Government Primary and Pleasantville Government Primary Schools.

During the Launch, principals of the schools present at the event, received copies of the Illustrated Children’s Songbook, as well as a CD bearing the San Fernando Song and other patriotic songs.

Speaking on behalf of the Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education, his Advisor Cheryl-Ann Wilkinson stressed that the Launch was an unforgettable experience in the lives of the students who attended the Launch. She said this is the kind of event, which inculcates   patriotism into the minds of children.

“They will never forget the day they came here and they were able to participate in this function. These are the things that the children remember and in remembering this day, they will also remember the importance of being patriotic,” she said.

The Advisor said the concept begins with a simple ripple effect, from the home right all the way through their lives to where they may be representing the country in some kind of officials capacity. She noted that by having primary school students sing the National Anthem and

“God Bless Our Nation,” psychologically embeds in children a sense of national pride. “I do remember in primary school having to sing the National Song and God Bless Our Nation daily and that is one of the ways in which we instil patriotism in children, by having them sing these songs. Patriotism does not begin when you are an adult. Patriotism begins in the home and you become loyal to your home by doing your chores joyfully and continues in your school by keeping your school environment clean and keeping your uniform clean and, eventually when you represent your country in whatever field that may be,” said Ms. Wilkinson. She expressed her satisfaction with the patriotic performances and artistic exhibits, which she described as being shining examples of patriotism.