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Educational Facilities Planning & Procurement Division (EFPPD)


The Educational Facilities Planning and Procurement Division was established in accordance with Cabinet Minute Number 603 of 2010. The Ministry established central control of all its asset management activities and functions under one (1) Division, thus allowing for greater overall efficiency in the delivery of these services at the Districts and the School level. The large volume and high value of assets demanded that the Strategic Apex of the Ministry retain responsibility for policy formulation and strategic planning for the maintenance, safety and security of these assets.

  • Facilities Planning
  • Policy and Auditing of the Construction, Maintenance and Repair Programmes
  • Land Management

Key Projects

  • Repairs and Maintenance – This Programme seeks to provide emergency repairs, and repairs and maintenance services to schools within all eight (8) Education Districts to mitigate frequent and prolonged operational failures of schools
  • Construction of Primary and Secondary Schools – The Construction Programme seeks to provide the need for additional Primary and Secondary Schools to meet increasing needs for education within this age group as well as replace existing schools that are no longer suitable for operation; and
  • ECCE Construction – This Construction Programme seeks to meet the goal of providing Universal ECCE by way of the construction of ECCE Centres and associated infrastructural work.

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