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Educational Research and Evaluation


A technology-driven proactive organisation supplying research-based information to its stakeholders.


The DERE is committed to supporting the ongoing renewal and modernization of the education system through the creation of a culture of research in the Ministry of Education and excellence in assessment and evaluation processes for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Our purpose is to satisfy the decision-making and information needs of policy-makers, administrators, educators and other stakeholders, by providing them with research-based data and information.


To improve the quality of education in Trinidad and Tobago.

Role and Function of the Division of Educational Research and Evaluation

The DERE was established on October 21st, 1994, based on recommendations made by the National Task Force on Education, 1993. The DERE is a key player in the process of reforming the Ministry of Education. It is involved in all the initiatives aimed at strengthening the planning, management and implementation capability of the organisation in its thrust for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

The role and function of this Division are:

  • To inquire into and inform on the status and circumstances of quality education delivery in the school system and to use the information to generate data which supports high standards and good practice;
  • To monitor and evaluate the quality of programmes of the education system;
  • The development and maintenance of a system of research and evaluation of the education sector using current information technology;
  • The promotion of a research and evaluation culture throughout the education system;
  • The generation and sourcing of quality information required for critical decision-making by administrators, teachers, parents and other stakeholders;
  • The development, implementation and maintenance of systems for the continuous assessment of student performance at all levels of the education system;
  • The development of internal policies, structures and procedures for undertaking and conducting research, sector-wide evaluation and testing and assessment activities;
  • The timely publication and dissemination of reports;
  • The provision of advice or assistance to other divisions of the Ministry of Education as regards development of internal policies, structures and procedures for undertaking research and evaluation activities;
  • The provision of library and information services that support the activities of the Ministry of Education and its various clients;
  • Collaboration with other local, regional and international educational institutions and agencies engaged in educational research;
  • The identification of strategic partners for undertaking research and evaluation activities;
  • The monitoring of projects undertaken by and/or on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

Major Activities of the DERE:

Test preparation:  Preparation of Table of Specifications and item writing activities.
Test validation:  Reviewing and field-testing of test items.
Test analysis:  Interpretation of the test scores in the seven educational districts and Tobago.
Reporting:  Summarising the performance of the seven educational districts and Tobago. 
Evaluation studies:  Conducting evaluation studies to determine the value of various educational practices; monitoring of test administration; provision of quality control for tests.
Conduct of research studies:  Undertaking research studies of various educational practices.
Data collection:  Collection of information on various aspects of the education system.
Analysis of data: Interpretation of the data collected.
Report writing:  Summarising the findings obtained from surveys. 
Dissemination of information:  Providing feedback to all stakeholders in education.
Training:  Conducting workshops to satisfy the training needs of the clients in the schools and at the district level.

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