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Festivals Activities Std 3

Activities for Caribbean Festivals Booklet

  1. Develop and act out a pantomime depicting one of the festivals discussed in the passages.
  2. Lead the group in a game of charades depicting at least 3 of the festivals of the islands.
  3. Create a replica of any one of the flags from the countries depicted in the passages
  4. Create a word wall of at least 10 words that describe any one of the islands depicted in the passages. Try to appeal to as many senses as possible!
  5. Create a Venn Diagram depicting the similarities and differences between two of the festivals discussed in the passage.
  6. Draw and decorate a replica of the “Festival Boat” that is discussed in Chapter 1.
  7. Create a large blank map of the Caribbean and use push pins or coloured paper to indicate each of the islands that the “Festival Boat” visits.
  8. Write one paragraph describing any one of the festivals discussed in the reading. Use at least five adjectives and two figures of speech.