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Instructional Materials Unit

Introduction to what the department does

Service provided

1. School Publication Unit

Responsible for technical work in the field of Educational Publishing

  1. Preparation and publication of material for use in the development of the educational system
  2. Research into the effectiveness of texts and the testing and evaluation of materials produced for use in schools

– Printery

Responsible primarily to print material for the School Publication Unit

  1. Provide printing and binding services
  2. Produce stock books, manuals, class registers, posters, forms, cumulative record cards, newsletters and promotional material for the Ministry of Education

2.  School Broadcasting Unit

Responsible for the production of educational broadcasting programmes

  1. Produce radio broadcasts
  2. Produce support instructional material (print and video) at primary and secondary schools, early childhood and adult learning centres
  3. Engage in studio recordings
  4. Do mass duplications of CD/DVD
  5. Make recommendations in respect of educational broadcasting policies
  6. Conducts review of educational materials,
  7. Edits scripts/broadcasts

3. Educational Television Unit (Audio Visual Aids Officers) 

Responsible for preparing and developing audio visual resources to assist in teaching of the curricula

1.    Assists/ advise curriculum and other personnel in the selection of and purchasing of AV equipment upon request

2.    Organizes and participates in the preparation of audio visual teaching aids and materials

3.    Conduct Video and Audio recording on location and or schedule venue

4.    Provide technical assistance to other departments within the Ministry of Education (MOE)

5.    Maintains liaison with media houses to broadcast MOE materials

6.    Provide sound engineering, stage lighting, video recordings for the auditorium

7.    Provide Technical Training for department of MOE.

Produce Television Programs and resources for educational instruction

4. Graphic Illustrator 

Responsible for graphic presentation of data for reproduction in publications and displays.

  1. Studies data, designs, layout and selects technique best suited to produce the desired visual effect and to conform to printed method specified
  2. Advises on the most effective visual presentation of data