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Overview of Local School Boards

Local School Boards have been established in government schools at both the Primary and Secondary level by the Ministry of Education. This initiative taken by the Ministry of Education was seen as an instrumental move towards school based management and decentralization. School Based management has been identified as an important factor that results in improved levels of student achievement and school enrichment. Due to decentralization, authority would be given to all stakeholders giving them an opportunity to be a part of the decision-making process for improved quality, efficiency and effectiveness at schools. 

Additionally, the Ministry recognises the importance of engaging the community in the delivery of quality education. The Ministry has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with the local churches in the operation of Primary and Secondary Schools in the country. This relationship was formalised with the enactment of the Concordat of 1960, which outlined the shared responsibilities of both parties in the development of education. This partnership with the community continues to be nurtured with the process of installing Local School Boards (LSBs) in all Government Schools.

These Local School Boards comprise members of the school’s administration, the Parent Teachers Association (PTA), student representatives, Teacher representatives and community members. In addition, the Ministry has created a close partnership with the National Parent – Teachers’ Association as a vehicle for addressing the issues facing parents in the education and development of our children. These Boards have become institutionalized and are part of the strategic arm of the schools, lending support to the Principals and assisting with the achievement of the School Development Plan. Refer to below, taken from the Education Local School Board Regulations 


 Composition of a Local School Board – (The term of a board constituted by order is 2 years).

By legal notice in accord with the Education (Local School Board) regulations 2000, a Board constituted by Order made under Section 23 of the Act shall comprise the following persons appointed by the Minister:

  • The Principal or person acting in that post for the time being
  • A practicing member of the school’s staff other than the Principal
  • A member of the union most representative of teachers nominated by the union who is a practicing member of the school’s staff
  • Two members of the majority Parent Teachers’ Organization functioning and existing at the school, nominated by the members of the Organization
  • A representative of the Past Pupils’ Association, if any, of the school nominated by that association
  • A member of the student body who is diligent, conscientious and an all-round team player and is nominated by the student council of the school
  • Three persons nominated by the Minister as he deems necessary after consultation with the relevant interest groups and stakeholders within the community in which the school is located

The persons nominated by the Minister shall have an interest in the school and possess some form of expertise relevant to the operations of the Board.

Each member on the Board plays an integral part that contributes to the Board’s success. In turn the schools benefit because its overall structure, system and image would be enhanced once the Boards do the work, lobby and liaise with all relevant agencies to ensure that the school is adequately serviced. The collaborative effort by all stakeholders on the Board with schools will lead to the improved holistic development of its students. 

LSB Stakeholders

The full duties of all members’ roles and responsibilities are outlined in the Local School Board manual which is available to the public. 

Duties and Power of the Local School Board

The duties and powers of the Board would all within three major categories:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Building community relationships
  • Maintenance and upgrade of school’s physical facilities

The full duties and powers of the Board can be found in the Education (Local School Boards) Regulations, 2005

Role of the Local School Board

The role of the Local School Board within the schools would be:

  • To complement and support the strategic plan and policies of the Ministry of Education and the school.
  • To contribute to school development and school improvement plans and assist, where possible, in the implementation of those plans
  • To act as policy advisers to support the initiatives of school-based management.

Contact Information

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