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Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

The Unit plays an important role in facilitating and supporting continuous improvement in the Ministry of Education through Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). The M&E Unit utilises the Results-Based Management (RBM) approach to M&E. 

Monitoring is a systematic collection of data on specific indicators in order to ascertain the achievement of objectives and the appropriate use of financial resources, while Evaluation is an objective analysis of current or completed policies, programmes or projects, to determine their relevance, efficiency, outcomes and sustainability, based on reliable and credible information.

The Unit was established in 2013 and its main purpose is to assist in developing a sustainable monitoring and evaluation system that can provide a consistent flow of information on the progress and performance of the Ministry’s initiatives to inform policy development, review, budgeting and decision making. 

The Vision and Mission of the Unit are as follows: 

Vision: To strive for continuous improvement in the Ministry of Education through monitoring and evaluation.

Mission: To enhance the capacity of the Ministry of Education and its stakeholders to make evidence-based decisions through the use of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools and the adoption of a M&E culture.


The mandate, as aligned to the Results Based Management approach to monitoring and evaluation is as follows:

  • To develop and maintain a Monitoring and Evaluation System (inclusive of a M&E Framework) for the Ministry of Education in keeping with the Results Based Management Approach.
  • To facilitate monitoring and evaluation of the Ministry’s programmes and projects through the development of appropriate reporting instruments and templates. These will provide a regular flow of information on the progress and performance of the Ministry of Education’s projects, programmes, policies and initiatives.
  • To provide assessment/evaluation reports on the Ministry of Education’s projects, programmes and initiatives with appropriate recommendations to assist in the determination of the best choice of programmes/projects, policy renew and development, budgeting, decision making and the establishment of more effective management, delivery systems and accountability frameworks.
  • To strengthen the Ministry’s internal capacity in M&E through relevant training and sensitisation.
 The services provided by the M&E Unit include:
  • The provision of Technical Assistance at two levels:
    1. Strategic Level as it relates to the macro level of the Ministry, in relation to the Strategic Plan and the Business Plan. To this end the M&E Unit collaborates with the Educational Planning Division (EPD) and the Program, Project and Planning Management Unit (PPPMU).
    2. Departmental/Divisional and/or Unit Level as it relates to the development of M&E systems or components for projects/programmes. This is done in a collaborative approach to ensure that the system is sustainable after it is implemented.
  • The Development of an M&E System for the Ministry of Education (MOE), which includes the development and implementation of an M&E Framework for the Ministry. The Unit has developed a draft M&E Framework with an Indicator Matrix. The Framework is designed to assist in the implementation of an M&E system for MOE by providing a guide for the inclusion of monitoring and evaluation in the Ministry’s projects and programmes. The macro-level Indicator Matrix which accompanies the Framework, provides an overview of the main process and result indicators which are to be measured to determine progress towards the strategic priorities of the Ministry of Education. The approval of the Framework and the Indicator Matrix would allow the Unit to assess the performance of the Ministry. The Framework has accompanying guidelines which detail how to develop M&E components such as the logic model, logical framework, indicators and monitoring tools. A series of consultations with internal stakeholders will be held to finalize the framework and commence implementation.
  • The Conduct of Rapid Assessments/Evaluations, where the Unit assesses projects and programmes under the Ministry’s preview to aid in decision making, programme/project improvement and progress towards the goals of the MOE.

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