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News Release                                                                                                                                                                                                              March 29th, 2021



The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health to meet next week on Term III 2020/21 Physical Reopening


Officials of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health were scheduled to meet today, Monday 29th March, 2021, to discuss learnings from the recently concluded Term II physical reopening of Secondary Schools for examination students, and to make recommendations for Term III reopening, which is intended to include the Standard 5 students on April 12th.  

However, based on the movement of COVID-19 numbers over the last two (2) weeks, the Ministry of Health requested that the meeting be held next week in order to analyze the data relating to positive COVID-19 cases this week, which can then better inform the discussions.

The public will be further advised on the final decisions taken for the physical reopening of school for Term III 2020/21, for Forms 4-6 and Standard 5 students, carded for April 12th, 2021, subsequent to this meeting.

The government remains committed to ensuring that the best decisions are made for the health and safety of all citizens.