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Media Statement                                                                                                                                                                                          23rd September, 2021

Dear Editor / Head of Department,


Statement by the Ministry of Education



The Ministry of Education met today with stakeholders to discuss mitigation methods for Learning Losses experienced by students in Trinidad and Tobago due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In attendance were Ministers Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly and Lisa Morris-Julian, Secretary Marslyn Melville-Jack of the THA, Permanent Secretary Lenor Baptiste-Simmons and  other Heads of Divisions of the  Ministry of Education.

The stakeholders were represented by TTUTA, Private Special School Association, Private Secondary Schools Association, Private Primary Schools Association, Association of Principals of Assisted Secondary Schools, Association of Denominational School Boards, Association of Principals of Public Secondary Schools, National Primary Schools Principal’s Association and the National Parent Teachers Association.

The meeting included presentations by the staff of the MOE on the use of statistical information to measure Learning Loss, and updates on current and projected mitigation methods, which include:

  • The option of deferring terminal examination sittings
  • Repeating of class levels
  • Provision of curricular material to guide teachers dealing with learning loss
  • Initial findings of the recently conducted Learning Loss Survey
  • Use of Diagnostic Assessments
  • Teacher Training in effective online delivery
  • Provision of devices to teachers and students
  • Mental Health Initiatives for students and teachers.
  • Optimization of MOE’s Learning Management System for a more organized, efficient and engaging online learning environment
  • Status of the Online Literacy and Numeracy Solution
  • Strategies to reduce student absenteeism
  • Strategies to improve student achievement

The stakeholders advanced a plethora of comments, recommendations and solutions which included:

  1. The reinstatement and widening of remedial programs in schools
  2. Renewed focus and emphasis on the provision of psychosocial support for students and parents
  3. Resumption of homework centers
  4. Greater and sustained involvement of the community and corporate sector in supporting schools
  5. The increasing need for real-time data analysis at the school level to assist teachers in student monitoring
  6. Parent sensitization on the maintenance of student physical and eye health
  7. Capitalization on the skills and abilities students have learnt over the time of Home-Based Learning

The Ministry of Education thanks its valued stakeholders for their passion, dedication and committment, and pledges continued collaboration and support as we work together in the best interest of our most valuable resource- the children of Trinidad and Tobago.


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