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  1. A valid email address must be used to register and log in to the electronic payslip system. Enter your correct MOE Employee ID during the registration process. Your registration is reviewed and approved when all details are certified as valid.
  2. All requests for the creation of an email address must come from the school principal, HR division or supervisor. These requests must be sent to the I.C.T.D help desk via an official email address. 
  3. Your payslip and job letter can be viewed within the MOE E-Portal by selecting “Payslip” or “Job Letter” respectively . To request an electronic PDF version, select “Request PDF”: an automatic email will be sent with your digital payslip or job letter.
  4. If your payslip information is currently incorrect in IHRIS, kindly send an email to the Human Resources Division requesting corrective action.

E-Portal User Manual

Job Letters and Electronic Payslip Request

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