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The Public/Private Partnership (PPP) initiative of the Ministry of Education was launched in 2014. It is a project geared towards the expansion of spaces in the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) sector and is an essential element in the provision of Universal ECCE. In the PPP, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago pays private providers for spaces in their ECCE settings. Currently, there are one hundred and ninety nine (199) private providers throughout Trinidad providing acceptable spaces for preschoolers.


Providers are selected for the PPP initiative after the assessment of their status. Using a validation checklist, the criteria used to determine eligibility of Centres are:

  1. Trained teachers (at least one teacher in possession of a recognized ECCE Certificate)
  2. Acceptable infrastructure
  3. Staff / Child ratio with the maximum of 1:15
  4. Delivery of appropriate curriculum (adhering to the National ECCE Curriculum Guide)

Providers are paid three thousand, six hundred dollars ($3600) for the tuition of each eligible child every academic year. The PPP project is a useful and viable initiative of the MOE. It has brought relief to many parents of preschoolers who find themselves in challenging economic circumstances.