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SEA 2021-2023 Revised Assessment Framework.

The Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA)  will be administered in the following areas:

  1. English Language Arts Writing
  2. Mathematics
  3. English Language Arts

There has been changes to the number of items in the Mathematics and English Language Arts Papers. However, the time for administration remains at 75 minutes.

Mathematics – The number of items has been reduced from 45 to 40.

English Language Arts – The number of items has been reduced from 43 to 36.

English Language Arts Writing – Narrative Writing will be assessed for 2021 ONLY.

There has been a reduction in the objectives being assessed for the Mathematics Paper. Further details can be accessed in the SEA 2021 -2023 Revised Assessment Framework.

See document here:

SEA 2021 – 2023 Revised Assessment Framework