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Substitute Teacher FAQ

The Substitute Teacher On-line Management system is a system, whereby teachers will be employed in Primary and Secondary Schools to fill in for planned absences occasioned by teacher participation in training programmes, workshops, seminars and conferences approved by the Ministry of Education, as well as unplanned absences including sick leave, occasional leave and maternity leave. 

  1. Persons who have obtained their Certificate, Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor’s, or Master’s in the area of subject specialty from a recognized and accredited University.
  2. Persons who have been interviewed for Primary and Secondary School Teaching.
  3. Person who were previously employed as a substitute Teacher
  4. Retired Primary and Secondary school Teachers
  1. Go to and click ‘Create Account
  2. Or Click here. 
  1. Birth Pin Number
  2. Teacher Registration Number
  1. Go to the login page (
  2. Click ‘Forgot my password’. You will receive two emails:
    1. The first will ask you to verify that you have requested a password reset
    2. The second will send you your login credentials.
This usually occurs when an invalid email address is entered. Please send an email to with your name and contact information.
There are 5 sections that must be completed for your application to be considered
  1. Profile – Fields with an asterisk (*) are required
  2. Qualifications – The system accepts a minimum of 5 Ordinary Level (O’Levels). Additional qualifications are required.
  3. 2 Testimonials from Registered Teachers/Principals. Copies must be attached.
  4. Documents – a minimum of 2 Identification Documents must be uploaded. Copies of relevant qualifications should also be attached. Originals are required for interview (new applicants).
  5. Experience – as applicable.
The Primary/ Secondary Human Resources Department will contact you when they are processing your application. Until then, your application status will be displayed as “Pending Approval.”

The Primary or Secondary Human Resources Department.

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., except public holidays

Primary Section: Tel: (868) 622 2181 ext 1747

Secondary Section: Tel: (868) 622 2181 ext 1732