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Textbook Management Unit

The Textbook Management Unit (TMU) is a division in the Ministry of Education which is responsible for the management and administration of all the facets of the Textbook Rental Loan Programme (TRLP).

The programme aims to provide textbooks and other learning materials for students at Primary, Secondary and Special Education schools. It ensures that all students have affordable and easy access to the learning materials required for the core curriculum areas. It also forms part of the Ministry’s efforts towards achieving equity in the provision of educational opportunities and levelling the playing field in gaining access to education.

Textbooks are loaned to students and must be returned to the assigned school at the end of the academic year so that they are made available to the incoming cohort of students at that level/form. Parents and guardians must ensure that their children maintain the books loaned throughout the academic year in good physical condition and that these are returned to the school.

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