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School Supervision

The Role and Function of a School Supervisor




Provides direction for the development of schools in keeping with the strategic plan of the Ministry of Education.
Ensures quality standards by supervising, inspecting and evaluating the operation of schools.
Leads in professional development for principals and teachers through programme proposals, training seminars and workshops.
Ensures the development of school-based management.
Provides a rich resource of exemplary coaching, training and apprenticeship for teachers and school administrators.

Administrative Management

Supervises the observance of the provisions of the Education Act and the Regulations pertaining to the conduct of schools.
Arranges for:

  • the approval of leave for teachers
  • the approval of school holidays that may be granted in accordance with the Regulations
  • the relocation and de-shifting of schools
  • the registration of private schools
  • placement of non-nationals in public schools
  • the considering and assessing of the confidential reports of teachers
  • the furnishing of such returns as may be prescribed or required at any time by the Minister

Deals with all other matters of organisation, management and administration as may be referred to him by the Minister.
Approves the use of government schools and compounds for non-educational purposes.


Visits schools on a regular basis to monitor the implementation of the curriculum.
Organises team visits to schools to assess the delivery of the curriculum.
Examines the Principals’ records on clinical supervision and curricular checks.
Observes teachers’ classroom practices and provides feedback, when requested by principals.
Monitors the teaching/learning environment in schools.
Supervises school improvement programmes.
Shares/disseminates information with principals on current trends in teaching and learning.
Monitors the relevance of the curriculum with respect to the special needs and interests of students.

Internal/External Linkages

Represents the Minister as required.
Represents the Permanent Secretary at recruitment interviews including those at the Teaching Service Commission.
Establishes and maintains alliances with external agencies consistent with Ministry policies.
Approves projects and programmes initiated by external agencies.
Represents the Division, Ministry or senior ministry officials.
Liaises with internal/external agencies, departments and Ministries.
Coordinates various events/activities initiated by internal/external departments, agencies and ministries.
Interfaces with the general public and provides solutions to problems, issues and concerns, where necessary.
Prepares and/or delivers speeches.
Ensures parent participation in the running of schools.


Supervises the effective management and use of physical and financial resources in schools.
Monitors school security systems to ensure effectiveness.
Supervises effective health and safety standards in schools.
Corrects and reports on anomalies, irregularities or environmental threats to safety at schools.
Approves non-routine activities at schools, including field trips or school outings.
Requisitions, stores and distributes materials/consumables to support curriculum delivery and janitorial services in all primary schools.
Recommends and supervises repairs, renovations and refurbishments at schools.
Recommends/approves requisitions for furniture and equipment for schools.

Governance and Extra Curricular

Ensures the establishment and effective operation of student councils in all secondary schools.
Attends school functions and other special activities to supervise and support wholesome standards.
Coordinates district/nationwide competitions and other activities to support curricular/co-curricular programmes.
Organises a system of recognition and appreciation of good practice and long service of principals.