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The Teaching and Teacher Development Division

The teacher is the single-most important factor impacting on student achievement. (Swan,2014, Aspfors, Sven-Erik and Ray, 2013, Winter, 2013 Danielson, 2007, Darling- Hammond 2010 Marzano, Marzano and Pickering ,2003).

The Teaching and Teacher Development Division(TTDD) is the arm of the Ministry of Education which is responsible for the professional development of all teachers in our education system: E.C.C.E., Primary and Secondary Levels. 

Our Vision:
A high performing, dynamic and vibrant Division, responsive to the needs of stakeholders and which works collaboratively, efficiently and effectively to educate and develop teachers to produce 

Our Mission:
To manage Teaching and Teacher Development to produce and advance teachers who are competent and adequately equipped to:

  1. efficiently and effectively implement school curriculum
  2. improve student performance,
  3. help students to achieve the value outcomes consistent with the national vision for our children.

Services we can provide:

  1. Teacher Induction
  2. Continuous Teacher Professional Development
  3. Provide teacher support to ensure that the school curriculum is implemented in accordance with the Vision and Mission of the MOE.
  4. Conduct research in leading practices and performance requirements for Teaching and Teacher Development.
  5. Report on all professional development activities conducted for teachers.
  6. Set professional standards for Teaching and Teachers.
  7. Develop Teacher Professional Development policy

Contact Information

Education Tower A,
Level 11,
No. 5 St. Vincent Street,
Port of Spain.
Tel: (868) 622-2181 Ext. 2029/2028/2027