Division of School Supervision & Management (DSSM) 


School supervision has played an essential role in the evolution of a decentralised system of education. School Inspectors and later School Supervisors earned significant respect for their role in preserving school standards. Since the 1970’s the Division has been headed by the Director of School Supervision who manages and co-ordinates a cadre of School Supervisors and support staff. The Division itself which was always part of decentralisation efforts also became the first to successfully decentralise its activities in accordance with the recommendations of the ‘White Paper’- the seminal education policy statement of the decade of the 1990’s.  

In that enhanced configuration, the Division not only ensured quality schools, but played an essential role in providing the Ministry’s central administration with sound information and advice on the running of the school system. This configuration, formally established in 1995, consisted of the Head Office of the Director and eight Educational District Offices, under the umbrella of the Chief Education Officer.  

Assignment of School Supervisors

School Supervisors are appointed by the Teaching Service Commission of Trinidad &Tobago. These are all Public Servants, and mainly Principals and Curriculum Officers are eligible to apply. School Supervisors are part of the School Supervision and Management Division (SSMD) of the Ministry of Education. This Division is headed by a Director of School Supervision (DSS) and he/she is responsible for assigning School Supervisors to an Education District 

School Supervisor 111. 

Each Education District has two, School Supervisor 111. They are in charge of the Education District. They report to the DSS on all matters relating to the operations of all schools. The SS 111 has direct supervision for all secondary schools in his/her Education District. They visit secondary schools, interface with principals and provide reports to the DSS. 

School Supervisor 11. 

Each Education District has two, School Supervisor 11. They have specific responsibility for all primary schools in their Education District and they report to the SS 111. 

School Supervisor 1. 

This cohort of School Supervisor has specific responsibility for the supervision of all primary schools and they report to the SS 11. 


The Division of School Supervision and Management is focused on improving school effectiveness using the School Based Management Model at the early childhood, primary, and secondary levels. Overall School Supervisors:

  • Serve as the Reporting Officers for Principals  
  • Provide direction for School Development planning in keeping with the strategic plan of the Ministry of Education  
  • Ensure quality standards by supervising, inspecting and evaluating the operation of schools  
  • Ensure the observance of the provisions of the Education Act and the Regulations pertaining to the conduct of schools    
  • Make recommendations for investigations into acts of misconduct by members of the Public and Teaching Service  
  • Serve as Investigating Officers as well as conducting other investigations of incidents/complaints  
  • Serve on interview panels with the Teaching Service Commission and the Contract Division of the Ministry of Education  
  • Serve on inter-ministerial committees and any other as directed by the CEO or PS  
  • Liaise with other Divisions/Units whose functions impact on the operation of schools  
  • Work closely with the Curriculum Division and Student Support Services Division for curriculum implementation and meeting the needs of students  
  • Administer of the SEA inclusive of placement and transfers  
  • Monitor plant maintenance and security to ensure a safe and secure learning environment   
  • Oversee process of placement of non-nationals in the school system 
  •  Serve the Public addressing needs and concerns
  • Approve leave, field trips, local and foreign, Staff Development, Sports days, Principals’ Holidays, Use of School Facilities to external stakeholders  
  • Assess and making recommendations for registration of Private schools  
  • Oversee decanting of schools  
  • Assess Teachers’ Confidential Staff Reports

Education District Organization  

There are seven Education Districts in Trinidad and one in Tobago. Each school falls under an education district and assignment to a district is based mainly on geographical location. The schools in a district will be guided and supported by MOE personnel assigned to the district.   

The District personnel comprise members from the Divisions of:

  • School Supervision & Management (SSMD)  
  • Curriculum   
  • Student Support Services (SSSD) 
  • Health and Safety
  • District Office staff. 


Office of the Director of School Supervision  
Ministry of Education
Level 14, Building A
Education Towers
No. 5 St. Vincent Street,  
Port of Spain. 
Tel: 1 (868) 622-2181 Ext. 2324  
Email: dss@moe.gov.tt