Occupational Research Unit (ORU)


The Occupational Research Unit (ORU) updates and maintains the Dictionary of Occupations (DOTT) and the National Occupational Classification of Trinidad and Tobago (NOCTT). Occupations are classified and coded consistent with the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO) set by the International Labour Organization (ILO). Occupations are classified into groups based on the criteria of work performed and the skill or ability necessary to carry out the relevant duties. The DOTT also consist of occupational descriptions for occupations found in Trinidad and Tobago.

The occupational descriptions give information on occupational titles, worker duties, education, training and experience requirements as well as personality, physical and environmental demands. Descriptions present a general picture and do not attempt to reflect the details of individual establishments unless those establishments are unique.

Services provided include:

  • Occupational information.
  • Career Guidance information.


An up-to-date body of accessible information on occupations in Trinidad and Tobago which contributes to the education system, facilitate individual career choices, satisfies national needs of the job market and facilitate international exchange of information.


To conduct research, publish and promote occupational information which informs the educational process and contributes to the building of the human capital necessary for national growth and development..



  • Develop a National Occupational Classification System
  • Compile a multipurpose Dictionary of Occupations for Trinidad and Tobago (DOTT)
  • Provide comprehensive, reliable occupational information
  • Current

  • Update and Maintain Existing Systems and Materials


Occupational Research Unit (ORU)
Ministry of Education
Education Towers, Level 5, Building A, 
No. 5 St. Vincent Street, 
Port of Spain 
Tel: 1(868)622-2181 (Ext. 2222)
Email: occupationalresearch@moe.gov.tt