Turn Up, Don’t Give Up In Support of the School Intervention Programme


This programme represents an extension of the Turn Up, Don’t Give Up Caravan which was piloted during the Vacation Revision Programme (VRP) conducted by the Ministry of Education (MOE) during the 2022 July/August vacation period for students who scored less than 50% at the 2022 Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) and who were placed in secondary schools.

The Caravan will be rolled out under the School Intervention Programme 2022 to 2027, which involves the implementation of a Revised Operational Plan in selected secondary schools to provide equity in educational opportunity along with increased student achievement.

Goals of the Turn Up, Don’t Give Up Project for Academic Year 2022/2023

  1. To provide all students at the schools with the opportunity to learn about positive activities that they can used to become more involved in their communities;
  2. To facilitate the delivery of age-appropriate motivational sessions with students at the Form 1 – 3 levels within the school;
  3. To facilitate opportunities for private sector and Non-Governmental Organizations’ (NGO) involvement in addressing social issues in the school; and
  4. To support a collaborative approach to provide information on services and resources available to assist parents

Criteria for volunteer youth mentor:

• Age 18 – 40
• Track record of youth work in community or with Non-Governmental or Faith Based Organization
• Ability to engage children and young people
• Ability to address large groups (up to 120) comfortably if needed
• Appreciation of issues currently facing young people
• Demonstrated leadership skills, relatability and clear articulation
• Understanding and appreciation of the impact of social media on the behaviour of young people
For further details please read the Volunteer Youth Mentor Terms of Reference


Three paralleled project elements are proposed:

  1. Turn Up, Don’t Give Up ‘Talks’ (In School Inspirational Sessions) with volunteer youth mentors
  2. 2-Day Turn Up, Don’t Give Up ‘Fairs’ at 8 school locations
  3. Staff Turn Up, Don’t Give Up ‘Home Drive’

The method is geared towards supporting the work of the MoE in a three-tiered approach to reach each of the four target or levels:

  • Level 1- Primary audience 1- Students
  • Level 2- Primary audience 2-Parents
  • Level 3- Secondary audience 1- Teachers; and
  • Level 4-Secondary audience 2- Community

Turn Up, Don’t Give Up ‘Talks’ (In School Inspirational Sessions)

Target: Form 1-3 Students

The goal is to create a structured format for students to hear and engage with identified speakers. These sessions must be aligned to the work of the SSSD and must be structured and timetabled for each age/form.  The sessions should include an activity type exercise that engages to student/students for Academic Year that helps build their confidence, morale, pride and feelings of accomplishment individually or in teams.

Inspirational sessions

These sessions are expected to take place at least once per month for a maximum time of 60-90 minutes per session.  Key components:

  • Volunteer youth mentors (speakers);
  • Specific areas/themes of focus as guidelines for presentations;
  • Some tailoring of content based on issues identified at specific schools/community;
  • Activity or engagement based;
  • Linked to needs identified by District Leadership Team and SSSD for the school