Human Resource Management Division


The Human Resource Management Division’s (HRMD) major role is to contribute to individual and organisational success by creating and sustaining a working environment based on performance and leadership; attracting and retaining committed employees who share the Ministry’s values; and ensuring consistency with business objectives.  The HRMD consists of the following sections:  


Primary Section 

The functions of the Primary Section include:  

  • Ensuring that all primary schools are adequately staffed. 
  • Awarding scholarships to Assistant Teachers in pursuit of the Bachelor of Education at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) 
  • Deploying Literacy /Numeracy Coaches and Curriculum Writers. 
  • Receiving and processing application for teachers at the primary school level. 
  • Schedules and conducts interviews for teachers at the primary school level. 


Secondary Section 

The functions of the Secondary Section include: 

  • Registration of teachers. 
  • Processing applications for entry into the Teaching Service at the secondary level. 
  • Ensuring that all secondary schools are adequately staffed by filling teaching and administrative vacancies in secondary schools. 
  • Managing the administration of leave, separations and other terms and conditions of employment. 
  • Conducts Performance Management including the processing of Performance Appraisals and the award of Increments. 


Human Resource Management Division
Ministry of Education
Level 7, Building A
Education Towers
No. 5 St. Vincent Street,
Port of Spain.
Phone: 1(868) 622-2181 Exts. 1600-1621 (primary section)
Exts. 1700-1752 (secondary section)