GATE Application Process

How can I apply for GATE funding? 

To apply for your GATE eService ID, you must register at a TTConnect service center that is convenient to you. For more information visit>>

You must present original copies of the following documents for identity verification:

  • Birth Certificate
  • National Identification Card OR Passport
  • Deed Poll or Affidavit, (if necessary)
  • Marriage Certificate (if necessary)

How can I apply for GATE funding?

You must apply for GATE funding via an online GATE Application Form on the GATE e-Service website: click here

Where can I apply for GATE funding?

All student applications for GATE funding must be submitted within the academic year for which funding is required.   

Can I apply for a retroactive academic year/semester or course?

In the event that a student is not approved for GATE funding at the commencement of his/her programme or course of study, he/she shall not be entitled to retroactive assistance for that academic year, semester or course, but shall be eligible for funding up on subsequent periods of study.  

Do I need to provide any documentation for an online GATE application?

You are required to upload the following documents (in softcopy) for online GATE application submission:

  • Birth Certificate with supporting affidavit (if necessary)
  • National Identification Card or Passport (at least one of the two)
  • Marriage / Divorce Certificate (for married / divorce student)
  • Deed Poll / Affidavit (for name change)
  • Acceptance Letter from Institution
  • Latest Grade Slip or Transcript (for continuing student pursuing in the same programme)

Means Test Documents:
Documents supporting income such as:

  • Salary*
  • Self-employed income*
  • Government Pension
  • Disability Grants
  • NIS
  • Rental Income
  • Child Support
  • Other relevant supporting documents

*Income documents should be no older than six (6) months

Important Note for uploads:

Supported File Size: Up to 3MB

Supported File Types: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .tiff, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt.

Supported File Name: file name saved should be simple and short, for example ID Card, Birth Paper, Transcript etc. Please do not use any symbols or numbers in the file name.

What can I do if I receive less than 100% funding (via Means Test) and need assistance meeting my balance of tuition fees?

Students who receive less than 100% funding via means testing and need assistance meeting the balance of their tuition fees can access help via the Ministry’s Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP). For more information visit>>

Do I have to sign a contract for GATE?

All students accessing GATE will be required to complete and sign the Student Terms and Conditions For Tertiary Tuition Funded under the GATE Programme (Student Agreement).

GATE is administered by the Funding and Grants Administration Division of the Ministry of Education – Tertiary Education Division


Ministry of Education – Tertiary Education Division
Funding and Grants Administration
#16 Warner Street
St. Augustine
Trinidad W.I.
Tel: (868) 800-GATE (4283) or (868) 663 – 0244