School Carnival Events 2023

The Schools Carnival Events carded for the upcoming season February 2023, is fast approaching.See below the carnival competitions/events and proposed dates for competition, including details with respect to preliminary or semi-final rounds.

National Schools’ Panorama

PreliminariesVenuePulling for PositionsVenueFinalsVenueContact info
January 9th-19th 2022 Primary & Secondary Schools or Pan TheatresFriday 20th January 2023Education Towers, Port-of- SpainSunday 22nd January 2023QPS, POSMinistry of Education, Curriculum Planning and Development Division VAPA Unit

Intellectual Carnival National Schools’ Chutney- Soca Competition

PreliminariesVenueFinalsVenueContact info
Saturday 21st January 202310:00am, Saith Park, ChaguanasWednesday 15th February 202310:00am, QPS, POSChutney Foundation of T & T (CFTT) 6241024, 7884668, 7241044
or email:

Schools’ Carnival Tassarama Competition

Selection of Primary School BandsVenueSelection of Secondary School BandsVenueFinalsVenueContact info
Wednesday 1st February 2023
Thursday 2nd February 2023
TBDWednesday 8th February 202310:00am-3:00pm,
Skinners Park, San Fernando
The Tassa Association of Trinidad and Tobago
324-1222, 624-1024, 689-7621 or

Junior Calypso Monarch

PreliminariesVenueFinalsVenueContact info
January 2023TUCO Calypso Tent in SchoolsMonday 13th February 202310:00am-3:00pm, QPS, POSTUCO

Junior Extempo Monarch

PreliminariesVenueFinalsVenueContact info
TBDTBDThursday 16th February 202310:00am-3:00pm, QPS, POSFriends of the Youth of Trinidad and Tobago (FYOTT)

Junior Soca Competition

PreliminariesVenueFinalsVenueContact info
January 2023TBDTuesday 14th February 2023Government Plaza, Richmond Street, POSMinistry of Education, Curriculum Planning and Development Division VAPA Unit

Traditional Carnival Characters Parade

EventVenueContact info
Carnival Friday Street Festival Friday 17th February 2023Town Hall, POSThe POS Regional Carnival Committee

Red Cross Junior Parade

EventVenueContact info
Conventional Costumes/ Band Parade Carnival Saturday 18th February 2023QPSRed Cross Society, Schools Supervision