Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) 2023

About the SEA Portal

The SEA Portal is an online platform that allows parents and guardians to access their child’s SEA Performance Assessment via a desktop, tablet or cell phone accessible from 12:00 noon on Monday 3rd July 2023. Parents and guardians are advised to monitor the Ministry of Education’s social media pages for further details. To access the Student Performance Report parents/guardians must have their child’s Student Number, Date of Birth as well as the Admissions Number, which is printed on the SEA Admissions Slip. No hard copy of the Student Performance Report is required for Secondary School Registration.

All results can be downloaded from the SEA portal. No hard copy of the results or student performance report will be made available.

The objectives of this system include the following:

a) Reduced crowding and congregation at schools on the day that SEA results are made publicly available;

b) Reduce anxiety among parents and students as this information can first be viewed at home, where it is expected that greater social/emotional support is available;

c) Promote a more efficient and organized method of scheduling the collection of results by school administrators

Minister’s Message

Dear students,

I am very happy to extend congratulations to all of you, who wrote the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) Examination on the 29th of March, 2023. You would have experienced many challenges throughout your primary school journey, however, your hard work and determination has brought you to this point of development thus far. It was the American Billionaire, Charles Thomas Munger who said “You’re not going to get very far in life based on what you already know. You ’re going to advance in life by what you’re going to learn after you leave here.”

As you continue your educational journey at the secondary level, I encourage you to remain focused and to do your best always. You possess what it takes to be successful. Continue to draw strength from the experiences you garnered at the primary school level.

Enjoy your new friends and experiences, but never lose focus on your goals. On behalf of myself and my colleague, Minister Lisa Morris -Julian, I wish to thank our committed and hardworking teachers, principals and parents who provided invaluable support to our students during these years.

In closing, I remind you to remain focused on your studies and avoid distractions, always respect your teachers and those in authority and to always give of your best.I wish you God’s richest blessings on your future and all the best at your new schools!

Dr. the Honourable Nyan Gadsby-Dolly

 Minister of Education.