Tender Notices

The Ministry of Education invites suitably qualified firms and entities to apply

Date PostedApplication InformationStatus
March 24th 2023 Engagement of a Firm for the Provision of Scanning and Digitalisation Services on Personnel, Confidential and Administrative Files of Identified Staff of the Ministry of EducationOpen
February 07th 2023  Engaging of a Programme Manager for the Managing and Monitoring of the Ministry of Education’s School Remediation Programme InitiativeClosed
February 06th 2023 Engagement of a Firm of Individual Consultants to Design and Deliver Training Programmes in Writing, Mathematics and Reading to approximately four Hundred (400) Principals, Teachers, Curriculum Officers and School Supervisors of the Ministry of EducationClosed
February 06th 2023Engaging of a firm to Design, Develop and Implement a Sustainable Agriculture Project Proposal in the Four (4) Schools of the Ministry of Education’s Laventille/ Morvant School Improvement Programme (LMSIP).Closed
February 06th 2023

Engagement of a Firm(s) for the Provision of Restorative Practice Consulting Services to Ten (10) Selected Secondary Schools and the formulation and delivery of a Restorative Practices Policy Document.Closed
November 22nd 2022Proposals for consideration for the Supply, Delivery and Commissioning of One Hundred and Fifty (150) All in One Desktop Computers.Closed
November 11th 2022Provision of 6 ft. Tables and Padded Chairs for rental to the Ministry to facilitate its hosting of examinations during the calendar period January 1, 2023–December 31, 2023.Closed
November 8th 2022Proposals for Consideration as Suppliers of Postage of Examination Documents for the Ministry during the calendar period January 01, 2023 to December 31, 2023.Closed
August 18th 2022Provision of Content and Copy Editing Services to the Final Written Report of the Cabinet Appointed SEA/ Concordat for the Ministry of EducationClosed
July  30th 2022Provision of Data Capture and Data Entry Services for the Input of Teacher and Student Data for the Ministry of EducationClosed  
June 28th 2022 Expressions of Interest Notice – Supply and Delivery of a Software Development Solution including Hardware, to support the introduction of a Quick Response (QR) ID Card Programme for Students.Closed
April 28th 2022The Engagement of a firm for Digitisation Services for the Ministry of Education Closed
April 27th 2022Supply and Delivery of Screencast-o-Matic (School/District) Software and a 1- year renewable License to the Ministry of Education, Tower A, No. 5 St. Vincent Street, Port of SpainClosed