VAPA Folk Fest – Music


Folk songs are an integral part of any culture. With the preponderance of contemporary art forms and advances in technology, our children today may not always hear, learn and engage in much of our culture except through school, Best Village, Music Festival or Sanfest. Their participation in these events may be limited to just a few or a group.

Competition Guidelines

  • Launch of Competition: March 31st 2023
  • All performances will be video-taped at the finals and posted on MOE Microsite for People’s Choice
    • List of some suggested folk songs of Trinidad and Tobago:
  • Johnny Grotto
  • Allez moin Ka-alle
  • Every Time ah Pass
  • Mangoes
  • Jumbie
  • Go Way Jestina
  • The Stuttering Pastor
  • Murder in d Market
  • Dulcie
  • Call up meh Rosebud
  • Resources: Olive Walke Book of Folk Songs; Songs of Trinidad and Tobago by Eric Connor
  • Competition Finals Venue Date and Location TBD

Category Details


Perform a folk song of Trinidad and Tobago of OWN CHOICE, duration 2-3 minutes.  Provide suitable accompaniment (no acapella performance). Arrange as desired. Perform with appropriate costuming and props.

CHORALA group of 10-15 students perform a Folk song or a MEDLEY of Folk Songs of Trinidad and Tobago. (The medley MUST be a creative arrangement of at least 3 folk songs on a theme or topic). Duration 3-4 minutes. Use appropriate costuming and props.  Provide musical accompaniment. (No acapella performance)


Registration and Submission

Talent Release Form – For upload for registration (download sign print and re-upload)

Registration and Video Submission Form


  • Academic School Year 2022/2023 Term 2/3
  • March 2023- 16 October 2023

Target Audience/Beneficiaries

  •  Secondary School Students – Form 3

Each school can have up to One (1) soloists and ONE (1) choir. A student from the choir can introduce the item to be performed. Soloists will announce their presentation.