Youth Innovators and Entrepreneurship Competition 2023


The Ministry of Education (MOE), Curriculum Planning and Development Division (CPDD), recognizes that the development of technological competencies and innovativeness are paramount to the development of Trinidad and Tobago. The Secondary Schools Curriculum for Technology Education includes various components which provide a foundation and necessary content for sustainable development. These include Engineering Technologies, Biological Technologies, Entrepreneurship and Human Ecology.The Youth Innovators and Entrepreneurship Competition 2023 is aligned to the National Secondary School Curriculum and the overall policy of the Ministry of Education as stated in the Government’s Draft Policy for Trinidad and Tobago “to ensure that our school curriculum and teaching methods are relevant and continuously updated and lead to innovation, entrepreneurship and wealth creation.”


  • To motivate students to develop innovative products that will ultimately lead to entrepreneurship and wealth creation.
  • To promote skill development in the Technical Vocational area.
  • To provide a nationally standardised summative activity to the Lower Secondary Curriculum in Technology Education.
  • To positively impact student engagement and overall academic performance in Technology Education.
  • To further improve collaboration between stakeholders for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship

Competition Guidelines

  1. Students are required to produce a two to three (2 to 3) minute presentation to capture the implementation of the selected challenge. Groups should consist of no more than 3 to 5 persons,
  2. Submissions must be done using the school’s MoE email address. Teachers should select the top 5 presentations to represent the school. Schools would be allowed a maximum of five (5) submissions..
  3. Submissions must have the list of students involved in the group, class, group name, name of the school, and name of teachers
  4. It is proposed that there would be one round of judging.
    • Judging online submissions to select the top presentation finalists in each category
    • Overall winners
  5.  The individual challenges would also be judged to determine the most innovative product in each component. This would be identified based on the highest score obtained by any presentation.

File format:PowerPoint Presentations can be saved as a pdf document or videos format such as mov., windows media video and mp4


School Registration period – 18th April 2023 to May 19th 2023

Registration Form


Youth Innovators and Entrepreneurship Competition 2023 Rubric

Competition Categories

Form 3 Students

Open Category- Schools who have not started to implement the Technology Education curriculum are invited to participate

Judging of Entries

16th June 2023 to 23rdJune 2023

Prizes Awarded

  • National Winners – First, second and third place
  • National Winners – Most innovative product in each component – Biological Technologies, Engineering Technologies, Ecology, Entrepreneurship.
  • Most Outstanding Presentation
  • National winners – The prototype with the greatest entrepreneurial potential

Display (Finalist) and Prize Giving Function

 29th June 2023