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The Ministry of Education has developed new Curriculum Documents for Primary Education. These envisage preparing our children with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to optimise their own development, to constitute a caring, respectful and socially conscious citizenry and to competently lead our country onto the world stage. This new primary curriculum is characterised by: 

  • A focus on 9 subject areas within an integrated, thematic approach
  • Cross-curricular development of Literacy and Numeracy
  • Infusion of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies)
  • A prioritisation of Assessment for Learning
  • A conscious development of Values, including HFLE
  • Explicit attention to Differentiated Instruction to meet the needs of a range of students.

Curriculum documents are available for use by all. These consist of:

    1. Curriculum Guides in 9 subject areas:
      1. Agricultural Science
      2. English Language Arts
      3. Mathematics
      4. Physical Education
      5. Science
      6. Social Studies
      7. Spanish
      8. Values, Character and Citizenship Education and;
      9. Visual and Performing Arts


    1. Curriculum Guides for each of the year levels


    1. A comprehensive Teachers’ Guide


  1. Instructional Toolkits for each year level up to Standard 3 and a composite Toolkit for Standards 4 and 5. The toolkits contain planned Units, thematic as well as subject specific core-skills learning plans, sample activities, together with rubrics to assist teachers in the implementation of this new integrated thematic curriculum.

This Primary Curriculum has been implemented in Infants 1, Infants 2 and Standard 1 in the academic year since September 2013- July 2014. The Standards 2 to 5 will continue to work with and will be assessed using the previous curriculum documents to maintain continuity of students’ programmes of work. As the current Standard 1 moves to Standard 2 and each subsequent year, the new Curriculum will be introduced and so will be phased in to all year levels.