SSSD INSIDERThe Student Support Services Division is embarking on an initiative to enhance the social relationship among the peers within and outside of the division by way of a termly newsletter. The SSSD Insider eBook is interactive and allows for inclusiveness among all stakeholders.


Newsletter Issue
Examination Tips for Studying: CSEC and CAPE StudentsTips for Studying: CSEC and CAPE Students
Carnival Safety Tips Secondary School Safety Tips
Carnival Safety Tips Primary School Safety Tips
Mental Health: Information for Parents, Students and Teachers Mental Health
Role & Function SSSD Role and Function SSSD
Application Guidelines for Special Concessions 2Guidelines for Special Concession
SEA Results TipsTransitioning from SEA to Form 1
SEA Preparation TipsSEA Preparation Tips: Parents and Students
Examination Tips for CAPE & CSEC StudentsTips CAPE and CSEC Students
Carnival Safety Tips Secondary School Level
Carnival Safety TipsPrimary School Level 
December, 2022Volume 3 Issue 1
May,2022Volume 2 Issue 3
February, 2022Volume 2 Issue 2
September,2021Volume 2 Issue 1
June,2021Volume 1 Issue 3
January,2021Volume 1 Issue 2
November,2020Volume 1 Issue 1